Joint IAFSW-MiSAC Competition 2024
Neglected Tropical Diseases and
Climate Change

To develop an understanding among teenagers of the impact of neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) on global health,
and how climate change may impact their distribution around the world.

For Grade 7-9 Students in ASEAN Plus Three Countries

Object of the competition

You are required to design an illustrated, web-page report for teenagers to raise their awareness of NTDs.

Describe the disease in English, including its symptoms, where it is found in the world, preventative measures and treatments, and the impact it has on affected people and communities.

Describe the pathogen that causes the disease and what is known about how it is transmitted.

Discuss how climate change may alter the spread, global distribution and impact of the disease.

What makes a good web page?

Effective web pages rely on being not only informative but attractive, lively, well-designed and often amusing, in order to make an immediate visual impact. This can be achieved by using photographs, diagrams, drawings, plus data and sources of further information. Make the presentation of your entry entertaining for its intended audience – teenagers.

Format of entries


Microasterias sp.
Microasterias sp.
Penicillium chrysogenum
Penicillium chrysogenum
Oxytricha sp.
Oxytricha sp.
Blue tongue virus
Blue tongue virus

Five top tips

Neglected tropical disease.

  1. Buruli ulcer
  2. Chagas disease
  3. Dengue and chikungunya
  4. Dracunculiasis; Guinea-worm disease
  5. Echinococcosis
  6. Foodborne trematodiases
  7. Human African trypanosomiasis (sleeping sickness)
  8. Leishmaniasis
  9. Leprosy (Hansen’s disease)
  10. Lymphatic filariasis/Mycetoma
  11. Chromoblastomycosis and other deep mycoses
  12. Onchocerciasis (river blindness)
  13. Podoconiosis
  14. Rabies
  15. Scabies and other Ectoparasitoses
  16. Schistosomiasis
  17. Soil-transmitted helminthiases
  18. Snakebite envenoming
  19. Taeniasis/cysticercosis
  20. Trachoma
  21. Yaws and other endemic treponematoses
  22. Noma


A certificate will be awarded to each student submitting an entry of scientific merit. The results, winning entries and a report of the competition will be published on the IAFSW website competition pages at